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Welcome Players!

Our Champions
3 have emerged from the 60+
this 5th day of July, 2020
as our games greatest
Raiders & Competitors

RaZoRs Time in Phoenix

5:10:58 AM (05:10)


2020 Raid War Champions


THE FINAL 10. This was the most competitive raid heat to date, amazing!
In fact, that I have ever witnessed. - RaZ

The Morning Of Check-In

Results of Each Event

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Championships ResultsThe 10 go Head on!
Championship Results07/05 10:00 AM
Play-Off Results10 of 20 move on to the Championships
Play-Off Results06/28 01:00 PM
Top-3 per Heat + 2 Wild-CardsThe Playoffs Date & Time TBD by Group
THE 20: Play-Off BoundPlayer Rankings
HeatRoundDate & Time
SixOne06/14 01:00 PM
FiveOne06/14 10:00 AM
FourOne06/13 01:00 PM
ThreeOne06/13 10:00 AM
TwoOne06/12 01:00 PM
OneOne06/12 10:00 AM


The Playoff Round will include all 10 Raiders vs Each Other all at Once.
Last regiment - Qboro
Unaffiliated - Polar bear jack
The Avengers - Uclapack
Seven Days Departed - Zero
Batman Returns - Cleshuk
The Last Legion - jOhO
Your Mom's House of Pain - Alusia AngelVixen
Fallen Wolves [KWF] - Col. Indiana Longnuts
Last Regiment - Volsfan
Seven Days Emerged - Homem4de (WildCard)
Sets the All-Time Record for entering the LEADERBOARD
of the #1 snapshot at Rank 35 Time: 7m22s
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The Top Ten of Twenty move forward to the Championship!


The Playoff Round will include all 20 Raiders vs Each Other all at Once.
Seven Days Departed - Zero
Crystal Assassins - Uclapack
Last Regiment - Volsfan
Last regiment - Qboro
Mixed Nuts Extra Spicy - The Penguin
*Savage Wolves* - *♡BELA₩OLF♡*
Batman Returns - Cleshuk
Unaffiliated - Polar bear jack
Fallen Wolves [KWF] - Col. Indiana Longnuts
Batman Returns - U-Like-That-1
The Last Legion - jOhO
Helios - THAT Guy
Unaffiliated - Alusia AngelVixen
Last Regiment - jak
Batman Dark Knights - Vlad and the Boys
Seven Days Emerged - Homem4de (WildCard)
Last Regiment - Ben0311semper
Blazing Dawn - wormwood (WildCard)
Fallen Wolves [KWF] - MVZ321
Batman Returns - Mcblood1
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Over 60+ of Empires & Puzzles Greatest Raiders are going head to head in 6 heats of Round One. Zero, uclapack, Deadlift, Volsfan, Wormwood and many others compete in groups of 11 for Cups Glory! Starting Cups must be 2,700 or lower or the contestant is disqualified. The top-3 of each heat move forward to the Playoffs, joined by 2 wild-cards (reducing the contestant pool to less than a third of the starting numbers in the 3 day initial event to: 20).

DAY 1!

2019 Champion Volsfan returns to MAINTAIN his Title and improve a position! Volsfan has thus far done exactly that producing the MASSIVE score to beat & Ranked #1 ending day 1 of 3. He has secured the top seed in the playoffs and is joined by fellow Last Regiment player jak in the heat following Vols.

DAY 2!

2019 Champion Jerme82 competes today in the afternoon heat. Loyalties have transferred from his previous knight’s alliance to one of TrUe dArKnEsS. He has been a leading player in Batman Returns and an instrumental assist in launching the new Batman alliance Aeternum with RaZoR as of 6/5.

Raider ZeRo the hErO steals the fastest time posted from 2019 to current away from brief record holder Bela₩olf for rank entry into the Leaderboard via snapshot #2. He wrapped that up with the PERFECT Heat Score of 99 of 99. To break into the Leaderboard via snapshot #1 starting at 2,700 cups is considered impossible. I have the feeling he may try for it in the Playoffs!

DAY 3!

Several other players return from the 2019 event for REVENGE!
uclapack gets hers! Taking 1st in the final heat as well ranking #2 overall.
Qboro sets the all-time record for entering the LEADERBOARD of the #2 snapshot at Rank 13!
Homem4de & Wormwood capture the Wild-Card spots for the Playoffs!

RaZoRs Pre-Event Talk

2019 Raid War Champions

Raid War Tips

Be prepared to use
Raid Flasks!
Save them up prior to; or be able to purchase them during the event. A One hour competative heat requires speed, staying power & the necessity to risk your position for points.
If your Cups are over

within 10min of the event start time, you will be disqualified.

1 or more judges will verify for each player.
JUNE 2020

All Hail the CUPS!
[2020 Attendees List]
[2020 Schedule]

Starts Friday
June 12th-14th

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Raid War Overview

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Subject to Change
Based on Attendance

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2019 Format
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Heat Examples
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2019 Format
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Last Regiment

Set the All-Time Record
for entering the LEADERBOARD
of the #1 snapshot
at Rank 35

Time: 7m22s

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