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Welcome Warriors!

Accept the challenge to become a CHAMPION in 2020! Step up and strap in. Review the Raid War Tips (right) then... Sign-Up Here


Current 2020 Attendees

Event Times are UTC -7 or MST for Phoenix, AZ (USA) which does not observe Daylight Savings
01Red Nax ElaDIE LOGE6/12 @135/25
02MVZ321FALLEN WOLVES [KWF]6/12 @135/21
03mazak1336Black Diamonds6/12 @105/25
04The PenguinMixed Nuts extra spicy 6/12 @105/21
05OneeachFallen Wolves [kwf]6/12 @105/21
06SargeBatman Vengeance6/12 @105/17
07LimpLizardFallen Wolves6/13 @135/21
08GambitBatman Returns6/13 @135/20
09RusalkaBatman Forever6/13 @135/17
10*Ĵ€ŞŦ€Ř*Last Regiment6/13 @135/17
11ZeroSeven Days Departed6/13 @135/17
12jakLast Regiment6/13 @215/21
13StargasmSeven Days Condemned 6/13 @215/21
14RaZoRBatman Vengeance6/13 @215/17
15JYRczech DOBRODRUZI czech6/13 @105/27
16U-Like-That-1Batman Returns6/13 @105/25
17Alusia AngelVixenCrystal Palace6/13 @105/18
18MISERYRETURNSBatman Vengeance6/14 @135/27
19UclapackCrystal Assassins6/14 @135/25
20Khaos TRD ProFallen Wolves [KWF]6/14 @135/21
21wormwoodBlazing Dawn6/14 @135/18
22CleshukBatman Returns6/14 @135/17
23Jerme82Batman Returns6/14 @135/17
24QboroLast regiment6/14 @105/21
25SarsBatman Returns6/14 @105/17
26Mcblood1Batman ReturnsAny5/26
27VolsfanLast RegimentAny5/21
28ShoeyBatman ReturnsAny5/19
29MrsBCWThe Eye of Sauron NZAny5/17
30Ben0311semperLast RegimentAny5/17
31DeadliftBatman ReturnsAny AM5/19
32Polar bear jackunattachedAny PM5/19

2019 Raid War Champions

Raid Wars Overview

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Raid War Tips

  • Be prepared to use

    Raid Flasks!
    Save them up prior to; or be able to purchase them during the event. A One hour competative heat requires speed, staying power & the necessity to risk your position for points.
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  • If your Cups are over

    within 10min of the event start time, you will be disqualified.

    1 or more judges will verify for each player.
JUNE 2020

All Hail the CUPS!
Starts Friday the 12th-14th

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