RAID WAR 3: Event Details & Final Notes


• As a participant you have the potential to win 0 to 4 cash prizes
• All winnings are paid in US Dollars (any gain or loss in currency exchange is yours to bare in addition to any taxes and related reporting if any)
• Odds of winning a Raffle are 1 in # of participants per each Raffle (a RNG will be used to select the winner of each raffle via live stream, you do not have to be present to win)
• You are responsible for any fees required to transfer Raffle or Prizes to your account. Should you not have any such means you will have to pass your winnings onto a representative that can on your behalf
• Raffle and placement prizes fall within the # of participants bounds. i.e., if there are 210 participants, use prizes for 200 participants. If there are 240 participants use prizes for 240 participants. See the following table which Identifies raffle periods during the event:

• Event Duration: 3 consecutive weekends (or 4 should a major holiday fall on one of the event weekends) In Round 1, 1 heat Friday, 2 heats Sat and 2 heats Sun
• Sponsorship Entries are allowed (purchasing an entry for a player who cannot afford the entry fee - this can be a specific player or open ended to be provided to the first in line awaiting sponsorship)
A LINE Account is necessary to register (potentially I can accomidate Discord users on my server as well, TBD). It is the only way I can move participants between groups as we progress, make best efforts to ensure you/everyone is at the event & on time (no later than 30min prior to your start time). Additionally the CUP check has to occur prior start (if yours are over 2700 you are disqualified)
• Mechanics of previous Raid Wars will be in effect: 10 snapshots, Pts allocated based on placement. Must be in Top-50 to score. Points allotted using the maximum number of participants in a Rounds Heat across the board that can be assumed. Medals used to break ties Further clarification regarding event scoring can be obtained from the Official RAID WAR 3 Website.
May 1st 2021
ROUND 1 HEATS (Date/Time)*
1) Fri July 9th 8p
2) Sat July 10th 8a
3) Sat July 10th 6p
4) Sun July 11th 9a
5) Sun July 11th 7p
*All Times are UTC -7 (USA, Arizona)
• What forms of payment do you take for the Entry Fee? Debit / Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & PayPal (when using the later it encompasses just about any type of credit)
• How do I know which date/time I will participate in the 1st Round? You will be provided the 1st Round Heats Day/time slots that are still available before you process your registration fee of $49 USD. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.
• Individual Heats (1-5) will lock out at 32 participants. Should all reach 32 and there are 2 or more days remaining prior to the event, all will open till they reach the next tier (i.e., 40)
• Final NOTE: It is in your best interest in terms of prize potential to spread the word (push the event into the next award tier)
RW3 is going to be Monumental
- RaZoRtErAxE