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This be the place that Razor Celebrates Your Achievement of being better than the rest, at least for Now! So come Players; Raise your Glasses High to the Power & the GLORY!

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RaZoR's Blah 5/20

Did you know ATHENA...

Obtains her Sought After Extra Tile w/node 8 Mana*.

As I'm writing this, YOU or SOMOENE ELSE may not even be aware; only 2 of the 10 classes can achieve the tile gain through emblems when all else is not a current option through obtaining node 8. *You need to add a 4* Mana Troop Level 5 to seal the deal (and most anyone can do that). This early mana boost is limited to her class: the RANGERS... & the ROGUES. I had no idea this was the case until the recent past. The others DO NOT get their MANA increase until node 19 (2%) or 20 (4%) respectively.

As I went through my Rangers and Rogues (Not realizing Inari could have been made fast I stripped her at 17 as well Marjana - granted already fast in her case) - neither did I select the Mana node on though! You must choose to use emblems specifically with the Mana Node... I've already made the mistake with them and not knowing, I also found that 2 of my Rigard's and Khiona were classed past the 8th node and I didn't select the mana node in those cases either! I went the wrong way in all 3 cases plus 2. I am 1 for 6 in selecting mana in this case, I have 1 Rigard correct and classed at 14. For some reason with Rigard I thought this early access to FAST was limited to him and just occurred at node 8. Khiona is classed to high (18) to reset for the correction, the 2 Rigard's however I may need to both are currently at eleven.

What about that ATOMOS?

The monstrosity received a...

HUGE gift! An Unprecedented MANA SPEED INCREASE as a result of the Game Makers recent “Balancing”. Moving from SLOW to AVG. That I think is one the Most significant mods a hero could be given.

Should you happen to have Atomos maxed or soon to be please remember that I'm interested to know what the Net effect is. A video or two would be awesome!

Elkanen-Costumed is who I wanted...

Not chasing him anymore though.
Man I was really banking on Elkanen in part due to our long history! A true LOVE, HATE, LOVE... and I have been with him through all 3 of his “Balancing” Events! The 3rd balancing by the game maker did make him usable BTW. Well Elkanen guess we are through! LOL. Some of the newer heroes released also benefited him after his 3rd balance, some good pair-ability with him (not that I got to experience many but heard about them). A common theme was Elk+Evelyn. She is amazing and I have 2 of her waiting patiently @ 3/70 pending mats.

Now with the upgraded EQUAL hit 3 vs his prior Target and minor nearby... at a solid 280% (which is 10% higher than Drake the Snakes). I was set on it due to this: instead of healing himself for 38% of the damage dealt he now gets to Enjoy a skill that was previously limited to the UnDead, the Vampires of our MeTa. A huge STEAL of 61% of any healing from the targets. Loved that skill when I ran with Valeria regularly (you get a handle on how to take advantage with it right away). So, this Tree Hugger is enjoying the VAMP LIFE Now. I wanted to do that! Wahhh.

AZLAR-Costumed is who I obtained...

In gambling for Legendary Costumes.
Setting aside who I wanted; Azlar's Mana speed has always been a turn-off. Instead of his Hit & Burn all which was a Signature Death sentence for most if he lived to fire, he now hits 3. Should any have less than 50% health he doubles his damage like Kageburado just the opposite direction of the opponents health meter. He has a supped-up supper speed burn damage at 2 turns quick instead of 6.

Azlar burns a big 430 vs the 3 damaged with the maxed costume. This is 25% more burn damage than Gravemaker does with his and Azlar's initial impact is more (but he is SLOW). Big factor is it can't be dispelled. The 50% double damage opportunity as well. Just not sure this is a great improvement or not. If anyone has any comments, if you already have him maxed and just have to max up the costume or plan to? I have already taken him off my plate unless someone has some good reasoning, which I am open to hearing. Thanks!

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