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Our friendly competition Leaderboard consists of 11 TOP-5 Revolving Member Statistics!
NOTICE: data is LIMITED to ACTIVE members ( Active at TM in the past week )! To review player stats (CE, SE, RT included) excluding a time-based bias, visit The DEN which provides a query capable interface
01) Most Titans Defeated (5sec)
02) Raid Win Streak (5sec)
03) Highest Titan Damage (7sec)
04) Most Raid Wins (5sec)
05) Highest Combo (5sec)
06) Player Level (5sec)
07) Highest Trophies (8sec)
08) Fully Leveled Legends (5sec)
09) Fully Leveled Epics (5sec)
10) Fully Leveled Rares (5sec)
11) Fully Leveled Rare to Legend (5sec)

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