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My roots run deep into the Hollow...

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My Story is still being written...


I will not be using LINE, DISCORD, WhatsApp or the like to communicate. Nor will I be responding to email (they now have auto-responders).

I no longer run The Batman Family of Alliances (an amazing family which I turned over to Jael & Bat Commanders), nor lead the TMPG LINE GROUP (it's a great group now in the ownership of my good friend WCDT), nor post to any groups outside of TitanMafia.com including Facebook, Reddit or the games Official Forum. Note I have rejoined the TMPG LINE Group in efforts to kickstart Raid War 3 and put the joy back into this crowd! That was cancelled due to the lack of interst by the community to purchase registration seats.

I do continue to UPDATE New and Costumed Hero Additions for TitanMafia.com and EnPHero.com.

I have moved on to building my NeXt EmPiRe @ ALR Comics & Collectibles free of In-App purchases!

Be on the LookOut for Exclusive E&P Discounts. Be Well & Prosper Peeps.

SCREAM well or go to HELL...

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A Cleaner who Closes Well

A BaT out of Hell with every choice & say in the matter. My END-GOAL will be Accomplished.

There is nothing left to do but...

[It has been done].

RaZoRs BATMAN FAMILY of Alliances Final Status at Turn Over

Bat Family Status at Turn Over Feb 2021

I "CHOMP" on IRON Hearts...


A Machine of Integrity

If you have Integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have Integrity, nothing else matters.

I AM the ONE that Helps the MANY. I ASK for NOthing in Return.

A BaT exiled without choice nor say in the matter. No brother BaT informed me I simply found out upon return (from a short break) that my Team had achieved #1 without me! Our end goal was accomplished.

Compounding my inability to relive the 1st time experience with them, they also changed our Iconic identity from 'I AM BATMAN' to 'I AM IRON-MAN' - those two don't even reside within the same Universe! My entire persona/identity I developed along with the supporting multi-media was 6ft under before I could tap a Titan. The months and hours upon hours of hard work, dedication and especially the loyalty... Pitch Black DEAD.

Forged by expatriate ULTRON-RAZOR emerged with an intrinsic desire to devour IRON.

This is the intro to the how and why I became ULTRON (the Nemesis of; and also created by Iron-Man). The team split shortly after our leader left to return to their world of old - neither team name is utilized in E&P to my knowledge. LMFAO, but true.

RIP RAZOR-BAT [User-Directory]


Some have inquired as to what i did when I went Iron Hungry...


Bat Daddys

HELL NO "Forged by expatriate" WAS NOT the END of IT!
For the Proper Tie-In see the [Ultron Origin] 1st (Above)
A band of prior IAB (I am Batman) members had assembled at the Titan Mafia alliance. The group had done so for several reasons. Late October 2019 following leave from TM ShannyQ asked me to join them and take leadership of the crew awaiting my response in virtual space. I had 4 more planned alliance visits in my current rotation.
Uniquely leading an alliance to the top (my last planned lead) was still in planning and months out. It would be unique in that it had extremely specific investigative purposes which would be tested, and data collected to form a foundation used to build on top of my work technically for the community previous. The purpose would be to develop a product which provided several technical advantages as a result, and for alliance use. Extremely limited Alliance use (BaT-CoVe has since been created and put into use).
Several players were amongst this initial team I would have recruited myself; so, I seized the opportunity as much footwork had already been done. Movement was in-progress. Thus, we became BATMAN Returns.
My last scheduled rounds... as the LoNe WoLf
Arcane Asylum: (Jade, Bella, Vincent)
Helios: (PeachyKeen, Munch)
Mass Destruction: (ShannyQ, Jeff, Crabking)
Titan Moist: (Deezy aka D-ZILLA)
Battle School: (Ender, Night Queen)
Titan Mafia: (Roxy, Beetle, Ocean)
Blazing Dawn: (Wormwood)
Seven Days Reborn: (Accord)
Phoenix Warriors: (Anetho & WuMac)
Crystal Eagles: (Lott)
Batman Returns: (ShannyQ, Perro67, BroonsBane, U-Like-That-1, Lucifer, Bourke, Peter, Sleepy, Sir Ant, Ray008, MrGrumpyPants, Marselhes, Lukonoob, Crabking, Jason Fireman)
Well this is what broke the trip mold/schedule and my lone wolfing... To Lead the BaTs NORTH & to Build BaT-CoVe. The FAMILY wasn't planned, yet became a focus once I had neared completion of my purpose leading into another much larger, and much more personal.

BATMAN Arrives

Twas a DARK Day for the Waffle House Line cook. Having already ravaged his Pantry, this became a very Frantic Kitchen!
RaZoR's Batman Returns Solidifies as a Top Contendor, achieving position #3 amongst the Alliance Leaderboard following the Decimation of the Kitchen.
Feb 2020 (Prior to RaZoR creating the BATMAN FAMILY)

BATMAN: Dark Ops

RaZoR formed this #1 or DIE team on October 13, 2020 as his Final Leadership Run & to complete the last Phase of his BATS EVERYWHERE INITIATIVE. They broke into the Top-100 November 7th, 2020 (24 days later) which could be the fastest rise to the Leaderboard EVER. They were disbanned December 10th, 2020 having peaked at #5 due to RaZoR taking leave to mend health concerns.

The Origin of my Name...

Not many know who Raz is, why he went dArK (Red Lantern) nor why In storY he becomes LiGhT (Blue, the rarest of Lanterns)... My Game Name is derived from his specifically and his story. Anyway - Enjoyed the fight. RaZ Returns.
RaZeR vs BaTMan
Red Lantern Oath  Blue Lantern Oath

A heck of a series if your into Animation. Green Lantern: The Animated Series. It is specifically the Love Story of Razer and Aya that made the series a masterpiece.

The Ultimate in Hero Level Planning

No, this is the 1 video that you watch if only one! This update is Miles beyond its Predecessor. Precision without thought. The Nodes your emblems afford you are automatically calculated for every single class capable hero in your deck! NO MORE Head Calculations or using a calculator!
RAZORS Ultimate in Hero Level Planning

Increase Productivity w/a Emulator

If you own a PC or MAC and one of these conditions are true:
A) have multiple E&P accounts
B) play multiple games (not just E&P)
C) enjoy seeing the BIG PICTURE
I would advise you to watch this video.
Save Time with a Multi-Instance Emulator

I DARE You to Move Finley

This is one of my all time favorite vids I put together (and what a joy when I discovered what I had in Mitz).

3x Gravemakers vs 3x Zimkithas

A showdown with my buddy Wormwood. Game-On!

Some Intelligent Statements


I was fairly excited in becoming; it was very short lived. Ha ha ha.

RaZoR vs RoXy Series

RaZoR in DaRk CrYsTaL dayz

Vol 2 Enjoy the Zombie music. The BaT Attack stops 1/2 in.

Last RaZoR-BaT: A ucla Revenge

Some Keepers

New Member at Titan Mafia..
What a compliment!
Player comments on my MERC performance
Comments regarding my presence in the Leaderboard
Back when I was a Bat...
Obtained at an Alliance visit 2019
Double Double...
A friend sent this to me, lol.

A Favorite LINE Avatar

Belongs to the (previous) AMATURE Extraordinar

TMPG passes 300K

Unique Visitors March 9th, 2021

TMPG passes 200K

Unique Visitors April 10th, 2020


WHO are YOU?

Endure, RaZoR. Take it. They’ll hate you for it, but that’s the point of Batman, he can be the outcast. He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice.
Batman Forever
The TOP PERFORMING Recruitment Ad for Batman Family of Alliances
"Those who Lead themself Lead nothing."

- RaZoR
"An Alliance is the sum of its parts - it's Players."

- RaZoR
"The Leader of an Alliance is Nothing without the KNIGHTS whom chose to Champion them."

- RaZoR
"It's ALL GoOD!"

- RaZoR
"NeVeR SaY NeVeR."

- RaZoR
cRAZy Happy
Oh Yeah...
An Important Notice
Provided by a fine friend of mine...
What are you listening to?
Shackles are freedumb * Sex and love is not a game, a game is something you can win * You are more than the sum of what you consume. Desire is not an occupation * Now is the only time that is REAL. * What it all comes down to Is what you think you see? There's a truth where the judgment is made, STOP Watching * You F it up and let it go. Get hit hard, get hit fast. You Feel strong - so bring it on * You are not alone * Entertain thoughts that you have the strength of those you yearn to be * Good life = Godlike * Get a rhythm within and feel happy you are living in it

You will Love this Bat!
Click to see him in action!

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