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Meet the Developer

Being an Empires & Puzzles Addict is an Understatement!

However, it is that simple fact combined with my innate desire to help the next player that I developed a suite of decisioning support tools to minimize time required as well improve results. This isn't even half of it, this is just the introduction.

- RaZoR (your host & advocate)

GuiLDWare: the E&P addicts' EDge

Why would I use it? It's purpose is to remove from your life the redundant activities as well as the mundane tasks associated to the preparation, review, tracking, and decisioning that in the later case is very hard to do on a hand-held comfortably and with certainty. This is accomplished through various forms and levels of digital automation.

In its very simplest form this product is a player’s personalized on-line inventory system that tracks, crunches numbers and pushes and pulls data between the sites mentioned further below, creating its own set of unique data.

Note: The Class Node BOM(b) Utility does NOT require you to keep a Hero Inventory.

Enhances Decisioning and Support

Provides Valuable Variations as well New/Unique Game Data

Increases Awareness of in-game Limitations & Tools to go Beyond them

Establishes better Gaming Associated Organizational Skills

Minimizes or even Removes Player Redundancies (Time Savings)

Unlocks several Visual or Data Specific Inventory Constraints

Offers Viable paths to consistent Evolution as a Player


Class Node BOM(b)

WHAT-IF ANALYSIS as easy as 1,2,3!

Take the guessing out of your game and click through to your answers with this amazing decisioning tool.

Traverse the Talent Node Tree to your Hearts Content and obtain the hero changing stats & cost instantly! Become part of the GuiLD - sign up today for FREE ACCESS to many more amazing Empires & Puzzles tools to give you the EDgE!

Class Node BOM(b) Tutorial

Take a Ride on the Pirate Ship with my Buddy SLY as he walks you through one of GuiLDWares tools!

EPR (Emblem Planning Report)

WHO IS NEXT ANALYSIS as easy as 1,2,3!

Take the guessing out of your game and click through to your answers with this time saving decisioning tool.

Quickly receive a complete* & comprehensive list of your classable heroes. Showing the cost of the next class level, gain from a reset, who’s ready right now (likely some will be revealed you overlooked). It will give you a solid mark for holdout opportunities and inform you what you need to save. In conjunction with or without hero notes - this utility may save some forwent/forgoes you may have made without the data. For an individual to do the same processing manually I truly care not to think on it. This is a fine time saver. *based on your last inventory update.

War Tracker v1.51 (Hero Utility Tie-In)

Click on the image below for a detailed view! The optional recording of your opponent is now available, they are listed above the visual representation of your attack team in Wing to Wing order. NOW you can open up BOTH' teams via the Hero Utility for a direct compare of special skills, stats and verify if any adjustments could be warranted (before you go to WAR). This is just above and beyond what is available for you anywhere else! A summary review of your average flag and average war score are also provided to you by Alliance (in such cases you are a MERC or Visitor such as me).

A Control Panel was added so you can configure 3 Default Settings:
1) Display Teams Using: Hero Images or Hero Names
2) Default Her Inventory Filter (All, Legends, 3/4+ Legends & Full Epics, Legends & Epics, Epics, Epics & Rares, 3/4+ Epics & Full Rares, Rares)
3) Include data entry for the Oppents Team: YES or NO (stores Hero Names Only)


Obtaining Access to GuiLDWare

This is a Tablet, PC and/or Mac based product. Enabling you to see the BIG PICTURE! (this primarily applies to the War Tracker; otherwise I find it fairly phone friendly).

Seating is limited and as always: no $ cost to you...
Your use of GuiLDWare assists the entire E&P International Users Community!
Be a part of the EDge... be a part of the team!

1) You are a Rare or higher player (the system doesn't include 1 and 2 star heroes so it wouldn't benefit you at that level of play. Come back when you are!).

2) You can contribute approximately 5 min per week to assist the GuiLD with LEADERBOARD data collection. You choose your own time-line to independently obtain the data via a simple mobile interface. I assure you your time investment is returned 2-10x fold!

Great News Players: I have been able to Load Balance test the Server since my initial release and a couple upgrades later I am not restricting access as Previous. When you Sign up you are automatically given access (see the link [theGuiLD] in the upper left-hand corner of the Member menu in the Lobby after Login). This will change at some point in the future, once bandwidth shows signs of waver, I will have to return to restricting use.

You are free to stop using the software at any time. Exporting your hero data (assumes you used the inventory features of the system) is left available for a fair amount of time in such cases. I realize that these tools are NOT for everyone.

Please understand that TMUG membership is maintained by having a completed profile (which is completely anonymous unless you make it otherwise). Our members like to scroll the lists as well our leader boards! Therefore, entering the lobby and seeing a bunch of incomplete profiles is unaccepted. Be active which shouldn't be an issue if you are using GuiLDWare. Also skim the WIN-WIN Arrangement.

The WIN-WIN Arrangement

I help you! You help me a little. In turn, together we help the ENTIRE players community! This is accomplished through task automation, ‘targeted’ data parameters for real-time data collection and storage. In part my idea of GuiLDWare was conceived so the Hero Utility would ultimately become a fully self-contained & sufficient Community decision support system having no to low external dependencies.

The Trade:

A) Leader-board Collections: Perform 5 collection tasks through your smart-phone, tablet or PC/Mac. Average total time is approximately 2 minutes if you batch collect (perform all 5 consecutively - otherwise yes definately takes longer if you do 1 per day for example).

B) Some other Collection/Process task: Perform 0-5 Tasks not to exceed the time previously spent with A). I will inform everyone ahead of time should this ever occur.

GuiLDWare will continue to grow and provide you MORE and MORE features and INFORMATION at your fingertips. As it grows, your contributions do NOT grow a bit! My review process is always to optimize and minimize time spent. A minimum of 2x return is guaranteed! OTHERWISE I WILL SHUT IT DOWN!

NEW: GuiLDScore7 Evaluations. Evaluate your Fully Ascended Heroes (that you use regularly). Note: This is currently in BETA. I'm already aware that attack multipliers such as Tarlak and Miki pose a problem - so rework is needed. This one is more for diversity as no Hero 'Grade' will ever be released unless 10 players from 10 different Alliances perform the evaluation AND there is not more than a full tenth score variance in evaluation results. All such participants along with their recorded Alliance name will be credited publicly for their contribution(s).


https://EnPHero.com aka The Hero Utility

Available to you 24/7! A Unique and Mature evaluation tool consisting of 6 valuation methods. It extends to the hosting of Hero current card values, Special skills and attributes. Its purpose is assisting ANY player or group of players with Hero decisioning and team support. The data is exceptionally organized and presented in a pleasing visual representing every rare to legendary hero from the Empires & Puzzles collection. Users can select 1-5 heroes for a side by side comparison, as an informative team assembler, for data validation as well historical confirmations and snapshots to increase a player’s knowledge and organizational habits. The Hero Utility is used by new players to the very seasoned. I spent nearly my entire first year as a lone player like the countless thousands who purposely avoided forums, gaming communication platforms, game social outlets provided by the game both in App as well most social media sites. For those independent players the Hero Utility is a gem that leaves them to their private lives without having to socialize outside their own circle of influence of friends and family to obtain valuable information and support.

Spend a few minutes to review Proper Use Guidelines of the utility (all methods of value) so as not to make an improper choice. For example: just using the overall letter grade. To be proper I will provide an excerpt: Do not decide solely on this utility, in particular just 1 of its valuation methods! To be valid, use all methods of valuation available to you. Should ALL methods clearly point to one hero over another, then do listen loudly. Be aware many of the grades are frozen in time, having been tested against the heroes available at that time as well.

https://TitanMafia.com aka TITAN MAFIA

Available to you 24/7! Titan Mafia is a reporting site that marshals as the centralized repository of entirely anonymous users accounts, security and build automation consisting of a rich set of Empires & Puzzles collected data. It is also host to the TITAN MAFIA's Users Group (TMUG) which holds virtualized community events (such as Raid Wars and E&P Royalty), providing User Group features such as their own Challenge Events Database, shared game player statistics (via your profile). This allows the members to participate in the site’s friendly competition Leaderboards that our favorite game doesn’t provide! It also hosts an internal Chat room and a user’s lobby that consists of a sortable set of User Groups information that allows us to get to know more about each other Anonymously. Using the data columns members can sort the group members information. The Data Warehouse feeds much of its unique data into the Hero Utility, generates unique and informative reports such as the Hero Position Element Talent Report (H.P.E.T), generates ranking and positioning data aka The Period in Review, as well tracks not only heroes but the players themselves in terms of appearances randomly collected to assemble the Alliance and Player periodic Rankings current and cumulative from the games LEADERBOARD.

A Note from RaZ... & TMPG Group

Yo E&Peeps! RaZ here to give you a quickie… I do all that I do to help EVERYONE - NO EXCLUSIONS - NO REQUIREMENTS - NO “FEES”. My goal has always been to help any player and bring likeminded players together to increase F.U.N. levels as well opportunities into their Lives! This is in addition to game knowledge! To extend my love of the game outside of the game for discussions and events. Always focused within the game’s context and/or genre.

I’m not an expert on all subjects E&P nor anywhere near to being the best player! I have no affiliation to our game maker. Those are not my goals - however they are some of the strongest reasons I have a LINE group! What I do know is that everyone there is unique and has special and perhaps even well-developed talents that can be useful when brought to any table (or group) for success! Some even unknowingly!

I want you to have an Awesome time there players! If you are a GuiLD User and have interest in joining contact me personally via LINE ID: RazorEnP. As a member if you have Questions, Ask! There are many Amazing players there! Community advocates, BETA testers, Record Setters, Game Mechanics, Free to Play (F2P) to the Pay Way Too Much players! Big name Alliances to the delightfully obscure name Alliances. Most importantly there are also the up and coming New players! Rules are few and sited in the Guidelines. They are in place to keep the Group happy and healthy. Let’s have FUN! Share your knowledge! Share your successes! Share your shortcomings (of which I truly have many)! Laugh, make new friends and hopefully: Learn. May you find value in the toolset! - RaZ

TMPG LINE Group Guidelines


- No Advertising. No Recruiting (Titan help is completely a yes! We like to help each other here). No Personal channel posting unless you are involved in a discussion for which the reference is valid.

- Please provide our moderators the minimal information necessary to verify your addition of a member to the group (even if you have been previously given authority by RaZoR to do so freely, simply out of courtesy). These are Voluntary Roles and not everyone knows everyone – yet! Right lol.

- Please take your personal conversations that have nothing to do with generalized topics of the game, its genre or Raz’s utilities to your personal LINE accounts especially if it starts getting fairly involved.

- If you achieve something extraordinary in your experience - awesome let’s see it! We are all fans of each other in this group!

- If you post raid scores, stickers, photos, video’s or other ‘things’ over and over that’s not acceptable. You will be referred to this set of documentation and if it persists you will unfortunately have to leave this group.

- If you raid revenged someone in the group, great! The two of you will enjoy it and a couple others I'm sure! We become friends, advocates and supporters of each other here. Totally cool! Now one of those back and forth however in a day is enough for the Group, there is some leeway here but if you become one that takes advantage of it knowing or unknowingly that would be sad.

- Again, Please Limit your Posts in the Group, don’t be silent unless you want to be! Do socialize, just do so in a way that is fun and informative to more than just you and the person you’re in a discussion with!

- Now the HaRd stuff! NO Bigotry/Prejudiced yuk, nor socially unaccepted odd of oddness! If that is part of who you are - just keep it to yourself or some other group that allows it... if done here you will be removed immediately (you will be removed silently and any concerns about the removal can be discussed outside of the group).


They are our keepers. I may be inactive at times seemingly for long periods. I am involved in a lot of game related projects (and also have daughters and that job thing lol). As a PARTICIPATING member, always feel free to suggest to another member that we do have guidelines, events (yes external to the game - yet still virtual) as well tools available for their review & use; which are FREE!

Being a larger LINE group, issues arise more often being it doesn't provide for any administrative or moderating features common to most successful Group based software. This task is left to the members. I have selected 3 caring, considerate and fair members of our group to assist. They are volunteers committed ONLY to assist us in that goal when they are present! I wouldn’t let it be anyway else. Should you disrespect ANY moderator, surely you realize you would be disrespecting me.







Certainly, it’s the peeps and the in-depth killer discussions! The genuine willingness of many of its long term members to truly help you, me, us! As well the unique web-based tools available at our fingertips 24/7 (see above). I do take Improvement and new suggestion requests through Feedback in the members Lobby.

Just Do It

User Directory

RaZoR's GuiLDWare

GuiLDWare Overview
Class Node BOM(b)
Emblem Planning Report
War Tracker
Access to GuiLDWare
Win-Win Arrangement

The following features of GuiLDWare are not covered in this Preview:

Hero Editor
Hero Notes
Class Grid
Element Grid
Hero Export
Hero Grading (BETA)
My Teams

More Tools & Info

Hero Utility
Titan Mafia / TMUG
Note from Raz / TMPG
TMPG LINE Guidelines
FREE Membership


GuiLDWare & War Tracker

Players! Brief excerpt from my RaZoR-RaDiO clip #005 discussing War Tracker (during development) as well our/its relationship to us and our players community.

Best Always, RaZ


Battle School / Record Holder

The Hero Utility and Guild are a HUGE help to managing and theory crafting my roster ‐ a reason I make sure to do the collection tasks ASAP every time. I use it daily for the current features and look forward to the upcoming features, especially the War Planner. Thank you again @RaZoR


7DF/BR - Game Mechanic

Guildware is such a useful tool. Critical for my roster planning. I’ve saved mats and resources by focusing on heroes and emblem classes. Being able to see my roster all on one screen is awesome. The elemental grid helped me see what I need to prepare for the defenses we will see very soon.


Alusia AngelVixen
MERC / Crystal Palace

Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful tool you've created. It has continually helped me and those I talk with see the different perspectives without being a game and math guru. Some of the things you add are things that we as players talk about in generalities not knowing if it can come to fruition on an applicable basis in the game.


Crystal Eagles / BETA

I use GuiLDWare a lot. Very friendly interface and the collecting tasks are easy to do. The Guild has become a must have for me. I use it to track my roster development, strengths and weaknesses.


Anetho, Jade & Wu
T.M.P.G. LINE Group


What is the Difference?

PG = Players GuiLD
UG = Users Group

The Players Guild are TMUG members who also use GuiLDWare and by choice can belong to and participate in the TMPG LINE Group.

There is cross over between the Groups for sure lol.

If you would be interested to know more about the TMUG please click the image above that contains Hel, Hansel and Cheshire Cat on it.