Guidelines for maintaining an account with this Group

The purpose of this endeavor is to provide FuN Theme based activities to my E&Peeps! The Hero Utility and TM Reporting – that is my gift to all of you! The fine Members of this Users Group have a voice in the BUILD OUT of the MEMBERS Area, in suggesting new features, content, friendly competitions, activities, completely new ideas, input into the direction of the Hero Utility, new features to it, suggestions, etc.

Any member that has a desire to explore their talents; to put them to creative use along the lines of our games genre - can express themselves from this very platform! If you are truly passionate about such an opportunity - I will help you make it happen.

A member submitted a suggestion through feedback. I have since taken the idea and moved it into a plug and play option of the Hero Utility. In appreciation of their idea the product has been named after their E&P Players name. It will come out before the New Year.

Guidelines for obtaining an Account with this Group

If you have no intention in the near future to have any involvement with the group, be noble, pass for now. Yes the membership is free! To obtain it there are a couple simple tasks to complete on your part.

Read this: MEMBER-NOTICE - after brief read, there is a link at the bottom that will bring you back here.

Once you have created your online account you will do the following immediately:

- You will fill out the Anonymous membership details in full. No blank fields for any reason. The profile consists of the following:

Information column 1Information column 2Information column 3
AllianceHobbiesMost Wanted Hero
Player NameFavorite Hero OwnedMost Wanted Hero Why?
Country & LocationFavorite Hero Owned Why?*LEADERBOARD Statistics

* Being the statistics will continue to adjust there is no need to mention them all here - they are simply numerical values/scores. There is no personal information requested that would break your Anonymity. If this is too much to ask from you please do not become a member of this free service I am offering to my gaming friends.

- Any member with an incomplete online profile after 24 hours of sign up will be deleted and any benefits revoked (including any entries you may have outstanding in regards to member events or related friendly competitions for Google Play or Amazon eCards).

- You will only enter factual information into our friendly competition pool. No guesses on memory please. If you are warned for having an abnormal score you best email me with proof or remove the value(s) that you were warned about. You membership could be terminated as a result of not responding.

- Any member who has not participated in any way shape or form in relation to this Users Group for a period of 1 month can be deleted and any benefits revoked.

You can click the 'CURRENT MEMBERSHIPS' link at the top of this page to land you back at the application page. LOT is going to be your passcode.

rZr Mail

- Receiving Mail from RaZoR will show in your profile after logging into the Lobby as shown here:

- To read your mail click the Edit button under your name, which brings you to your profile edit screen shown below.

- There are 3 actions you can take as shown in the drop down list.

- If RaZoR was just notifying you of something or thanking you, then you would select the 1st option 'Note Received...' so it is removed from your profile in the lobby.

- If there is something you are requested to do then you would select the 2nd option 'I Received...' thereby notifying RaZoR.
   - Once you have completed the Action requested you would choose the 3rd option 'The Action has been Completed...' thereby notifying RaZoR.


Guidelines for friendly competition LEADERBOARD

- The trophy count of the LEADERBOARD for the past 2 months is less than 3,100 as of 12/05/18. Everyone with a score over 3,100 either adjust down or zero out! ASAP! I have approached 1 of you in the past about this. If you are not going to respond to my requests for proof, then eventually I will just remove your account - it's part of the 'friendly competition' rules. Each of us should have a fair opportunity to get on our Users Group LEADERBOARD. Read the paragraph below.

- I know a player who has a Titan Score of over 2MM and SGG hasn't cleared it up going on over a year now. In the digital age any number of things could happen that cause an error in your statistics. Such as mobile signaling issues, bandwidth issues, a line drop, a service provider issue etc... A simple programming error - resulting in you obtaining a score you never could have otherwise! Even across the board changes such as SGG has implemented could have affected particular accounts. Google or Apple has issues sometimes.