rZr Mail (if you got one - you best respond)

- Receiving Mail from RaZoR will show in your profile after logging into the Lobby. You will no longer have access to any features within until you address the message from RaZoR (as shown below).

- To read your mail click the Mail Image. Note: It is a one way communication system. Either RaZ is reaching out to you with good news or there may be something that needs your attention.

- There are 3 actions you can take as shown in the drop down list below.

- If RaZoR was just notifying you of something or thanking you, then you would select the 1st option 'Note Received...' so it is removed from your profile in the lobby.

- If there is something you are requested to do then you would select the 2nd option 'I Received...' thereby notifying RaZoR.
   - Once you have completed the Action requested you would choose the 3rd option 'The Action has been Completed...' thereby notifying RaZoR.