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VODEN*s ~ Wolves ~


jiji lol
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The Pirate Horde

Why so... serious

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Aquatic Outbreak! HOTM-32: VELA

I Dare You to Move. Finley.

Finley is one of the most destructive heroes to come along... well since Urs lol. He can take out 2, 3 sometimes 4 at a time and they can still be healthy heroes at the time of check out. Well, there is one hero in our deck the has "I AM the DEATH of FINLEY" firmly etched across her chest...


A tile Changer, A dancer and deadlier the more that are dead bat


The Period in Review: Nov 28 - Dec 28

Special Mention for BETA GRADING contribution:

CapriciousGoater of Haunted House =)
with 22 heroes Graded for the Period! WOW - Thank you again! Holding the lead for 2 periods back to back.

Special Mention for Xtra Collections contribution:

NIvredDoom of Global Underground [GU]
with 19 for the Period! Holding the lead for 2 periods back to back!

Best 'New' Alliance Name (well new to me):

Leader: Mrs. Clean (there is a Mr. Clean too!) : Takes 2 to keep that Van visitor friendly I'm sure...

Wondering if you might be inadequate?

That would be: If your not measuring 11.95 classes on average....



Top-100 Players

This collection period includes 1,232 teams (pool of 6,160) from the Top-100 Leaderboard collected at random dates/times from 100+ collectors. Collectors can NOT record themselves (these entries are deleted).

* Legends Class 20 captures: Finley x3 and Ursena.
* 9.81% is average class level per Hero (up 2.14%).
* 2/1/1/1 teams accounts for 21.14% of the population (down almost 5%) - a return to Raindbow was apparent this period.
* Dark accounts for 21.65% of the Hero Pool (down < 1/2 %).

MEMBERS SEE THE v4 H.P.E.T. Report for Summaries and Visuals of the reporting period.

Alliances - CURRENT

Having the most qualified members present since the last collection period
Player is counted only 1x per/day. The highest Trophy Score is kept.

The Top-5 Alliances
#1) Crystal Palace
#2) Blazing Dawn
#2) Last Regiment
#2) Seven Days Departed
#3) Aggressive
#3) Crystal Assassins
#4) Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy
#5) Batman Returns
#5) -SPRITZ-

The Top Player's
#1) qboro of Last Regiment
#2) Templar303 of Exotic
#3) jak of Last Regiment
#3) Subclavian of Blazing Dawn
#3) Revenant of Crystal Assassins
#3) Qu!nn of Crystal Palace
#4) Agv of Oceano Pacifico
#4) Alberto of L'Ordine dei Templari
#4) Deadlift of The Family Clan [T.F.C]
#4) Ender of Battle school
#4) Highlander Paolo of Alianza Leoni Ribelli
#4) RaZoR of Batman Returns
#4) Sarmale of Romania Twisted Heroes
#4) Tokkotai of Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy

Alliances - CUMULATIVE

Having the most qualified members present since July 2018 (periods summed)
Player is counted only 1x per/day. The highest Trophy Score is kept.

The Top-5 Alliances
#1) Crystal Palace +18
#2) Seven Days Departed
#3) Blazing Dawn
#4) Aggressive
#5) Crystal Assassins

The Top Player's
#1) uclapack of Crystal Palace +4
#2) Qu!nn of Crystal Palace
#2) Deadlift of The Family Clan [T.F.C]
#2) RaZoR of Batman Returns
#3) Commander Jesus of Seven Days Departed
#4) Revenant of Crystal Assassins
#5) TreeDark of ==[BLINDADOS]==



True Positioning + DELTA

Stop wondering where Heroes are most used, the Top-10 list is right here! Want the FULL LIST? Login to TitanMafia.com - it is readily available in the Members Lobby.

#Left WingHero PoolΔ
4Mother North8.12%0.25%

#Left FlankHero PoolΔ
2Drake Fong8.60%2.88%

#TankHero PoolΔ
6Black Knight2.52%0.64%
8Boss Wolf1.70%1.15%
9Santa Claus1.54%0.11%
10Drake Fong1.54%0.11%

#Right FlankHero PoolΔ
2Drake Fong13.39%1.36%

#Right WingHero PoolΔ
7Drake Fong4.30%1.00%

TANK use by Element

Between Periods DARK gained 6% of the pie. Onatel slipped back some while Guin gained a small amount. ICE isn't nice to Aegir losing 2% himself. NATURE holds less than 2% of the Tank market as of 12/28 (1% was lost inbetween periods).

Element UseHero's Most Used

OTHER 5.36%

OTHER 5.92%

OTHER 5.92%

OTHER 4.03%

OTHER 1.06%


URS the Hearse just drove over Guin... then backed it up to roll over Kunchen! Her thinking: Why not take out 2 with the same tires! This following the EPIC event of rocketing Alasie out of the Ultimates plush abode just last period!
This is Guins 1st Drop from the Top in over 17 months! You had one Hell of a run Hon!

We have another NEW Top-5

Natures Knife takes Alasies place as sniper of choice while playing a role in the royal house cleaning.


"The Shrooms kept me Occupied!" - Alice

With a full belly and an ever spinning head this MaD cLoCk ThRoWeR finally makes it to her very very late date with DEBUT!

We beleive she arrived by way of a BaCk DooR! Landing her directly on top of the number 15.

"Will I be joined by my Rabbit anytime soon?" - Alice


Early Accpetance... more like 100% Buy-In!

Finley debuts at #9 with electrifying promise!

Kingston followed up his impressive #8 debut with a straight shot up to #4! Timing it so he could use his helping hands to push Queen out the door.



GRAVEMAKER remains the undisputed "KING of the HILL" for 36 consecutive collection periods! Dating back to August 2018.

#1 Gravemaker in 51.14% of the Top-100 teams; same spot, 1 duplicate use.

#2 Ursena in 33.93% of the Top-100 teams; up 2 spots.

#3 Drake Fong in 29.55% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

#4 Kingston in 29.38% of the Top-100 teams - nearly doubling use since his debut at #8 last period; up 4 spots.

#5 Kunchen in 23.05% of the Top-100 teams; down 3 spots.

Kingston appeared 12/28/19 at #4 - becoming the 1st to knock Guinevere out of her soft seat! Kunchen appeared initially in a tie with Kage 4/16/19 at #4 and has remained since! Ursena appeared initially 11/28/19 at #4. Kageburado 1st appeared 02/16/19. Previously holding the highest position of #2 outside the 'Originals'. Kage exited the Top-5 the period of 7/23/19. Zimkitha 1st appeared 03/24/2019 achieving position #3 and has not returned. Drake Fong 1st appeared 01/30/19 at #5 returning on 7/23/19 remaining since.

The 'Original's (GM, Guin, Alasie, Zeline and Sartana) held the Top-5 from July 2018 through Feb 2019. Sartana last appeared 3/6/19, Zeline last appeared 6/22/19. Alasie last appeared 11/27/19. Guinevere last appeared 12/28/2019 - this was the first time she had ever been outside the top 5 in over 17 months.


Queen Guinevere is unsure of the pull-out couch she was directed to use when it came to be beauty nap time....

#6 Guinevere in 20.62% of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot.

#7 Alasie in 17.94% of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot.

#8 Seshat in 15.42% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot, 1 duplicate use.

#9 Finley makes his debut in the Top-15 at #9 in 15.34% of the Top-100 teams; up 15 spots, 1 duplicate use.

#10 Zimkitha in 15.02% of the Top-100 teams; down 3 spots.

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Alby is enjoying being on top of Zeline, Nature Style.

#11 Alberich in 13.31% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot.

#12 Zeline in 12.99% of the Top-100 teams; down 2 spots.

#13 Kageburado in 11.44% of the Top-100 teams; down 2 spots.

#14 Evelyn in 9.58% of the Top-100 teams; up 2 spots, 1 duplicate use.

#15 Alice debutes in the Top-15 at 15 in 9.58% of the Top-100 teams; up 14 spots and a long time coming.


EPICS that came out to play!

WELL, they must of been traveling in two diffrent busses and one drove into a ditch or off a cliff!
This period brings home a massive 51% downsizing in total heroes (67 to 33) which could be a serious red flag for Epics...

This period Rigard maintains his favor with 9 showings (sharing 1 of those with the dapper version of himself, yet not wearing the suit)!

Kiril made 5 appearances. Boldtusk a Quad (3 classics and a Chef without his uniform on).

Triple appearances by Jackal & Grimm. Dual appearances by Valeria and Proteus.

Single appearances by the costumed Tiburtus and the usual outfits being worn by Triton, Wilbur, Sabina and Boril.


Legends on the Bench!

Mok returns to his beached liquid free prison after a short swim...

However he brought back some RED HOT company!

Empires & Puzzles QUEEN of 2019 - the amazingly beautiful Natalya paired with her feather wearing pussy!

In boots!


Raid War 2020 Coming Soon...


You can't say you’re the BEST if you don't play with the REST!
If your alliance chose NOT to participate tough shit! A massive reach out through LINE groups, this site as well the official forum were pursued for well over a month prior to the day of the event. Many who said they wanted to participate never officially signed up.


#1 KEN V (Last Regiment) #2 Volsfan (Last Regiment) #3 Jerme82 (The Knights Round Table)

Good News Raiders! The popularity of this event has already ensured that Quarterly RAID WAR's will be held in the years to come with 1 perhaps falling within the remainder of 2019.


Empires & Puzzles 'Hero Utility'

The utility that brings your Empires & Puzzles Hero Card Data, Special Skills, Hero Grades, Hero GPA's, Hero LEADERBOARD Statistics & RaZoRs EDge2 into your browser ALL at once! Access the Empires & Puzzles 'Hero Utility' below! The image showcases the 'ORIGINALS' who solidly held the Top-5 from Feb 2019 dating back to the first data sample on 7/29/2018 in their rightful positions. Other than shifting positions between each other (ladies only) very few noteworthy challenges occured during that time period.

Empires And Puzzles Hero Utility Interface Originals Rainbow Team

Hero Utility - About and Select Game FAQS
Hero Utility - Grading Scale

TMUG - What is this Users Group For?

Our diverse membership represents the following countries: Albania, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Rome, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, The Netherlands, The United States, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Wales.

Your Online Challenge Event Database!

Database Release Date: February 23, 2019

That's right! One place to keep your scores. No more searching for that piece of scratch paper, no more trying to thumb through your galleries for a screenshot... All your scores for ALL the events in one place that gets BROADCAST on the friendly competition CHALLENGE EVENTS Leaderboard! If you are the hero of heroes and have a top 5 score in any of the 15 categories your avatar, Player name and Alliance name are broadcast for the larger community of players to see as well all of us – giving us the SCORE to top! Get your scores into your profile ASAP...



Click the Stage Curtains for the full 2019 history of the event!

Official E&P 2019/20 ROYAL - LADIES

Official E&P 2019/20 ROYAL - MEN


E&P FAMILY LINK - Reference

There are now 26 Season 2 Heroes. With the addition of Ursena to the ATLANTIS FAMILY and Muggy to the LAGOON FAMILY the equality just got jacked up again! Family Link's power is unique to the Season 2 Atlantis Heroes!
Following are the Numbers...
- The LAGOON FAMILY has 9 members
- The SAKURA FAMILY has 8 and
- The ATLANTIS FAMILY now has 9 members

This quick Reference is large enough that you can see the thumb nail Hero pics and clearly identify who the 5/4/3 stars are and their Element. I ordered the Family's Heroes by Rarity then alphabetically by their name. You can click the image to enlarge it/save it.

Empires & Puzzles Atlantis Family Link Quick Reference

Hey! Why is this down here...

It is kind of secret still... and there are many more than One!

That's right! Well those that kept up their end know who you are.

Many didn't believe me... and still will not.

My hand has been here reaching out to yours for over a 1/2 of a year...

It's all GOoD! It will be interesting to watch who takes it.

Because this F.U.N. is going to get WiCkEd! Wickedly entertaining!

Hear Ye!

Review Period: 11/28-12/28

How do you find a princess? You follow the foot prince.

Unique Site Visitors: 171,096

New Members
sdqard, Tuck, W0LveN, WolVeN, okay1, okay, Lee, ELGORDO812, GaryGorilla, Scoothar, Elrohil, Zerk, Dungeonguest, Shelbo
Welcome to T.M.U.G.!

Empire MoDz

Went Live Jan 20th

Path of Valor added
(Starts Feb 3rd)
Relics added
Resource Bundles added
Costume event improvements:
Hero included with Costume
Chance at HOTM
Bonus Ascension Material Chest

click image for official

E&P Hero Utility v3c
New Format! ACE Review
& Anchors new Grades

Hero Utility v3c


dArK kNiGhTs of E&P
RaZoR Requests Your Service
Join the BaT Reserve

& Take Flight to the TOP


Anetho, Jade & Wu
T.M.P.G. LINE Group

GuiLDWare Preview


Battle School / Record Holder

The Hero Utility and Guild are a HUGE help to managing and theory crafting my roster ‐ a reason I make sure to do the collection tasks ASAP every time. I use it daily for the current features and look forward to the upcoming features, especially the War Planner. Thank you again @RaZoR

GuiLDWare Preview


7DF/BR - Game Mechanic

Guildware is such a useful tool. Critical for my roster planning. I’ve saved mats and resources by focusing on heroes and emblem classes. Being able to see my roster all on one screen is awesome. The elemental grid helped me see what I need to prepare for the defenses we will see very soon.

GuiLDWare Preview


Crystal Eagles / BETA

I use GuiLDWare a lot. Very friendly interface and the collecting tasks are easy to do. The Guild has become a must have for me. I use it to track my roster development, strengths and weaknesses.

GuiLDWare Preview


Alusia AngelVixen
MERC / Crystal Palace

Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful tool you've created. It has continually helped me and those I talk with see the different perspectives without being a game and math guru. Some of the things you add are things that we as players talk about in generalities not knowing if it can come to fruition on an applicable basis in the game.

GuiLDWare Preview


GuiLDWare & War Tracker

Players! Brief excerpt from my RaZoR-RaDiO clip #005 discussing War Tracker (during development) as well our/its relationship to us and our players community.

Best Always, RaZ




FREE for a brief read
I strongly suggest you use Letters A-Z/a-z and Numbers 0-9 instead of special characters. The Database is setup for the English Language.

[Click to obtain Passcode]

Alliance Name

Player Name

Passcode (see link above)

Email RaZoR w/issues


BEWARE: 'ANY' member falsifying friendly competition data will be removed from the User Group promptly. If you're inputing figures based on memory - don't.

Game Tips...

  • “TC20 (Training Camp) owners! Do you want to keep a revolving chance at a free Legendary Hero Indefinitely? Farm the heck out of Season One 8.7! The recruits are the key here and you get 8–10 for each 3 world energies! You don't get this anywhere else on average. It also gives you a fair return on swords, backpacks, heroes and troops to boot! Get to work!”
  • “Wanted Monsters Missions. Best way to zoom through this is Season One 7.4.
    There are 4 waves.
    4–5 monsters in waves 1–3. 2 bosses in wave 4. That is 14–17 monsters per 3 world energies. So 7 auto attacks will net you a completed monster mission! Sometimes it takes 8.”
  • “Hold on to your 4/5*'s as Small Giant Games can issue a 'Balance Change' in the future! As an example: Leonidas was a C and became a solid B Hero. Alternatively you can use them to build out your War team. Obviously focus on ascending A heroes 1st, then Bs. Some Cs have a purpose i.e. Kashhrek – solid A on defense and war defense.”
  • “Hero Grading. Compare 5s against 5s, 4s against 4s. Never assume a 4*A is better than a 5*B. Exceptions are a 4* A could be more effective than a 5* C/B- (They sure don't live longer though). A Fully ascended 4* can be stronger than a full 3rd ascension 5* (not always). Point here – ascension items for 4s are a walk in the park compared to 5*s... so be wise!"
  • “After completing a wanted mission (monsters/heroes) you can right click the chest and skip the 12hr wait for 20 gems! The closer you are to 0hrs the less gems it costs (there are skip limits). Why would you do this? To get to the GOOD STUFF QUICKER! Same with the Raid Chest guys.”
  • “Sometimes if not most or even all - it's a good idea to listen to those who came before you or are ahead of you in regards to farming. 8.7 - is my goto for low cost troops. 6.8 and 18.6 are highly recommended for mats (I got a bunch of nuggets at 18.6)”

Hero Utility

"Select your desired heroes to obtain their card data, grades, gpa's and LEADERBOARD ranks. Just click the image below for access!

Brought to you by RaZoR @ EnPHero.com"




Trophy Record Holder Since:
Aug 06, 2019
per v17+ Standards


Mana & Tiles

A True Strategist Knows this...

What Level do Mana Troops have to be at to decrease Mana activation times?

What is the variance between Regular Tiles vs. Ghost Tiles?

Talents are not adressed in this definition.


Troop Stats

A Must Have
The perfect visual for Troop Levels and Max abilities!

A must have for those of us who have too much to remember already!
Provided by @N.o.X


Off Element
Feeding Costs

A simple Little reminder...
...of the 16.7% cost variance when feeding heroes of the off element.
Now stop reading if you don't want to get bummed out for a a few minutes. It's also a reminder of How lousy the return is on just about everything above a 2* off element or on - when you consider ALL methods required to obtain them. Not just ham, troops & materials. What did it cost you to obtain those!? How much TIME did it cost to obtain those? The waiting time, phone time, the actual on the board time, every scenario in which you are attacking (raid, titan, war, quest, events, etc.) these are rarely in the cost charts. Time in my opinion is the most expensive of them all. So be aware how you spend it playing our FAVORITE game!

Hero Rosters

"Everyone has a need for a COMPACT VISUAL HERO LISTING that is updated regularly!

This stunning set of visuals includes special skills (grouped by each element/rarity) - provided by @Pois1

- RaZoR"

Mats Required

"The perfect visual to recall the Ascension Items for Max Tier (Epic & Legendary)!

A must have for those of us who have too much to remember already! Provided by @N.o.X

- RaZoR"

MAX vs. Tier

MAX Level
Ascension Tier
"I often forget where the cut-offs are - quick reference! Gotta know this simple shiat...


Select FAQS...


Merc Life

"Being the Lone Wolf isn't easy, but it has it's perks... Such as total freedom - battling Titans when and where you want. The best thing to me is:

Visiting Alliances

4 Reasons I do so
1) They need help killing a Titan or need a War substitute.

2) 1+ I'm interested in finding out how they interact together. Perhaps a future Ally or even Alliance (and this would likely be mutual - likely a closed group)

3) Stop in to see a friend
(open or closed group)

4) Passing by (open group) and act the random hero: walking in and out of their camp - idk to let go of a fudge dragon, ask which way is North, just say hi, or just park there and don't say anything no matter what!"

My last rounds
sleep-overs @

Well this is what broke the trip mold/schedule. To Lead the BaTs NORTH! (ShannyQ, Perro67, Ray008)
Titan Mafia
(Roxy, Beetle, Ocean)
Battle School
(Ender, Night Queen)
Titan Moist
(Deezy aka D-ZILLA)
Mass Destruction
(ShannyQ, Jeff, Crabking)
(PeachyKeen, Munch)
Arcane Asylum
(Jade, Bella, Vincent)


Polling RaZoR

is over
Do U know
Polling Events I've put together are LEGENDARY! Look forward to YEAR III - KICK-OFF AUG 24th 2020 in the Official E&P Forum.





Challenge Events are held monthly. During an event is your only opportunity to obtain the associated special heroes via the 'EVENT SUMMON'. While available your summoning odds increase as you can land a HOTM, a Legendary hero as well as the Special Event Heroes! So these are definitely worth saving your gems for.

The Challenge Events:

Riddles of Wonderland

Pirates of Corellia

Fables of Grimforest

Guardians of Teltoc

Knights of Avalon

Four-fold advice:

First - be stocked up on battle items if you want any chance to place in the top 4 ranking reward categories (and I mean stocked up). Otherwise, settle on just completing it with what you have. You will need something to help get you through the last level or two.

Second - this should be very obvious. DO NOT bring a hero in that matches the events reflect element - unless you have no other choice! There is that rare case where one is such a great strategist that they can do so.

Third - know who the Bosses and monsters are in each of the 10 levels so you plan appropriately with your battle items, hero team selection & placement from the beginning! Fortunately @Mariamne has documented this for us:

CE Boss & Monster Map

Fourth - this applies to the few - having a deep bench of fully or near fully ascended 4 and 5 star heroes of the opposing element (to the events reflect element) gives you the best odds of landing on the visible leader board! Honestly - any element other than the reflect element if you have the deep bench - the idea here is maximum damage! Logic will assist you after reviewing the map above.


The Seasonal Events:

Santas Challenge

Return To Morlovia

Sand Empire


Advice? Get the associated Boss & Monster Map:

Maps by @Mariamne


Empire MoDz

Went Live Oct 17th

Costumes Unlocked on
Nov 18th

Related are the addition of Costumes, the Chamber,
key and Quests

Morlovia Event in Late Oct

for Ameonna

Removal of disp/undisp effects at begining of her special!

click image for official